Short overview on Damascus knives presented on a market


Damascus knifes are well known to every amateur of fine steel art. A very complex and laborious technology of mixing materials of various compositions lays in the process of their manufacturing. The history of Damascus knives is rooted deep in ancient history.

Proven by time and generations of craftsmen, they have established themselves as high class knives with a very original external design. The blades of these knives are decorated with an unusual and individual pattern, which is formed by applying a large number steel layers.

We are pleased to present to our customers exclusive knives made in the Damascus style. The unique appearance, highly artistic presentation of each blade will be available to everyone at a very reasonable price. In this post we will explore what are the types of Damascus knives available on the market along with what to expect when you are getting one.

Who can make a Damascus knife

Creation of Damascus knife requires considerable experience in its unique technology and not everyone can make it.
Today Damascus knives supplied to the consumer market from several sources.

Industrial production.
In this case, the process is set "on a grand scale." The knives which come off the assembly line are not much different from each other, although the quality is quite consistent due to manufacturing standards being in place. The price for them is average, but the audience is quite wide due to the mass production and almost universal availability.

Low level craftsmen.
They fill the market with low-quality Damascus knifes, which, of course, have their own buyer due to their low cost. However, such a knife will not serve you for a long time due to low quality materials and poor attention to details and quality from those who makes them.

High end masters of their craft.
One creation of such a professional will cost as much as several dozen knives made in an industrial environment. But isn't it worth it to be handcrafted from the highest quality steel with scrupulous attention to details? No decent collection can go without a knife from a master of such a level.

Other high-class workshops.
They have not yet managed to reach the top level of the masters, but among them there are many really talented craftsmen who can produce a real masterpiece. Moreover, the cost of such a knife will be a way lower comparing with former ones, while the quality is not compromised.

Who buys Damascus knives

Damascus knifes are sought by many.
This includes not only collectors who spend insane sums of money to purchase each of their exhibits.
After all, every knife, even being a real piece of art, first of all, has its own purpose. And that is not being hidden in the glass in a showcase, but using it out directly according to its intended function.
Even if you are not going to gather a whole collection, but simply wish to purchase a beautiful and functional item that will serve you as long as possible, then a Damascus knife is what you need.

Our knives will be loved not only by hunters and hikers. For example, chef knives are used for cutting various fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, including frozen. At the same time, knives made using this technology will last much longer than conventional ones. Although they, of course, require much more care and attention comparing to their stainless steel counterparts. However, it's absolutely worth it.

Our models of Damascus knives are corrosion resistant and do not crumble when sharpened. Therefore, for whatever purpose you choose your knife, you can have a confidence that the product purchased in our shop will not only be unique, but also durable.

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