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Nice looking knife

well made, nice quality, both the knife and the pouch. Good size, easily carried on a belt but still large enough to be useful.

Great Craftmanship

Great Craftmanship. Order was fast and delivery even faster.
Can definitely recommend.

Great Knife for the Price

So far this knife has performed really well in the tests that I have put it through. The Damascus blade also looked great whilst doing it. I have split branches with it, skinned a few rabbits and cut plenty of cordage whilst out bushcrafting. It has held an edge for longer than expected and hasn’t suffered any damage despite the bargain price for this handmade knife.


Big enough to process mid-sized game, small enough to not weigh my pack down. Every ounce I carry has to count & this knife meets this criteria.


Belly to skin, tough enough to baton timber & stylish pattern from the Damscus steel.

Damascus Steel!

This full-tang knife has an aesthetically pleasing wood handle reminiscent of the heirloom knives of yesteryear. Its high saber grind & clip point blade are to my liking. This allows me to do fine work with the tip & skinning work with the generous belly. For the price-point I can't find another Damascus steel belt knife which also comes with a leather sheath.

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Warwick Davidson (Sydney, AU)
Great price and service

Trouble free transaction