Hunting Knife D2 Stainless Steel Full-tang Balde, Olive & Resin Handle, Leather Sheath

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Behind every satisfying outdoor adventurer there is a knife. Every knife enthusiast dream, this knife is brilliant in every way. An exquisite blend of form and function. Tough, beautiful, and affordable - simply awesome that is sure to impress.

Experience uniqueness, exceptional aesthetics & toughness

The perfectly hardened and skilfully polished mirror-finish blade is perfect for not just cutting and chopping hard and soft stuff you wish to throw at it, but it also comes handy as a makeshift beauty mirror if you or any of your mates wishes to admire their looks, during the camping or hiking trip, and find out that they forgot to pack the beauty mirror in their backpack. Now that is a fair dinkum versatile knife - bold & beautiful just like the bushman "crocodile Dundee" from the Aussie outback.

A dream knife of every outdoor adventure lover, this amazing hunting knife is a must to carry accessory in your backpack.

Vacuum Tempered D2 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Full-Tang Blade

With a tough blade made from vacuum tempered (hardened) D2 stainless steel blade plus gorgeous olive wood handle impregnated with epoxy resin what else can you ask for. D2 steel, with its high carbon and chromium content makes it an excellent choice for tools & knives. Vacuum hardened full-tang knife blades from D2 steel offer exception wear and corrosion resistance and longer edge retention.

A Bold & Beautiful Knife

One of the most valuable tools in any outdoorsman's arsenal is a good hunting knife that can also come handy as survival knife. A reliable knife can be expensive though, may be out of reach for many people who don't have time on their hands to go shopping around at all day long! Knife-making process employed by our craftsmen gives each of their knives a unique individuality, personality and feel. Our thoughtfully priced knives offer an exceptionally good combination of quality along with great aesthetics for everyone to enjoy!

Genuine Handmade leather sheath with the belt clip is included

These handmade products have been crafted with pride and care, but they may possess some minor cosmetic or aesthetic imperfections because of the traditional crafting process. The hand-crafted nature makes each piece unique in its own way - it's part what sets them apart! No modern machines were used during production.

Handmade items mean that there may be some minor differences between products. However, you can expect your item to match what's shown in the pictures except for pattern of wood grain and resin which will vary per product due its nature.


Blade: Vacuum Tempered D2 Steel. Hardness 60HRC.

Handle: Olivewood with impregnated epoxy resin.


Overall (L x W x H): 23cm x 2cm x 3.5cm

Sheath: 27cm x 3cm x 5cm


Net (without sheath): 300gm

Country of Origin


Free Delivery Australia-wide

Ships from Brisbane, QLD 

Legal Advice

This product is only available to those who are 18 or older. Any orders accepted by us will be presumed to have been made and submitted by persons over the age of eighteen years. Customers are bound by their own state's statutes when it comes to purchasing knives. Please familiarize yourself with your state's regulations before purchasing as PEPNIMBLE and its affiliates will not be held liable for any unlawful, accidental, malevolent, or reckless actions committed or derived from the product's purchase. The risk of injury from the use or misuse of this product remains with you, the buyer. We disclaim all liability for any physical or psychological damage caused to the buyer, or any other person, or property as a consequence of misuse or mishandling.

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